The Art of DJ

The humble turntable has put music in a spin over the last 50 years - giving rise to a whole new genre of sound, artistic skill and culture.

The turntable has been used as a musical instrument since the 1940s and 1950s when experimental composers began sampling and creating music entirely produced by the turntable.

However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the term ‘turntablism’ was coined. This definition marked a significant transformation in the role of the disk jockey (DJ), which had been evolving since the 1970s. Traditionally the role of the DJ was to play records on the turntable, mixing in one track after the other. The emergence of a new music genre, hip hop, produced DJs who were significantly more skilled. These DJs – or turntablists, as they came to be known – were performers and musical artists in their own right who moved records whilst playing on the turntable to manipulate the sound and create original compositions.


About Scratchy

DJ Scratchy start his carrier in early 1999 as mobile street DJ in Bandung City, while learning more about sound and audio engineering at SAE Institute base in Frankfurt Germany and Singapore, it's all about Sound Engineering, Music Industry and Production, DJ Style, etc...

Scratchy also participated on several DJ Competition in local and international class. On 2001 he make a hiphop group base on battle MC and battle DJ called Cronik and also joined with artist management labeled ELEKTRA666 base in Jakarta.